Where it all began
Kindness is a powerful instrument for Social Justice

B.Kind® Always is a movement based on a seven-year journey of Kindness which started on November 1st, 2013. It was at first a 30-day challenge. The challenge was to help at least one stranger a day. Little did we know that the 30-day challenge will culminate into 7 years of continuous inspiration. When we looked back months later, we had touched 106 people.

But it is what happened on January 6th, 2014 that our insignificant quest of Kindness took an amazing upturn. On that fateful day, we met a couple with their two adorable boys. We will refer to them as Piet and Annemarie. Unbeknownst to us, Piet had attempted to take his own life a night before when Annemarie walked in on him, perhaps a second on time, a second that gave Piet another shot at life.

The burden of not being able to provide for his family may have become too much for Piet to bear. Piet and Annemarie reluctantly granted us an opportunity to help.

It was on that day that we fell in love with the power of kindness.

We have since, through the help of professionals, created the B.Kind Always as a brand and later we registered the Foundation. We would hand out the

B. Kind Always designs to celebrate beautiful stories of kindness.

​Today we have become a movement for Social Change. We have medical, finance, information technology, banking, engineering and marketing professionals as part of the movement. These professionals use their talents to impact the lives of ordinary people in our society.

We have recently launched OUR HEALTH. Our vision is to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to South Africans. The fact that only

16,4 per cent of the population can afford private healthcare, inspired our vision to make healthcare inclusive.

Our objective is to form a partnership with communities, government, institutions of learning and research as well the private sector in

the pursuit of building an inclusive, healthy and productive South African.

Thank you for your kind thought!

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