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Integrated Community Healthcare Program™️

Integrated Community Healthcare Program is an initiative of the B Kind Always Foundation. The objective of the program is to make health and healthcare a community-driven responsibility. We believe that community-centred health and healthcare encourages the adoption of a more preventative approach to health.

The Integrated Community Healthcare Program™, implemented via the OUR HEALTH Initiative, was co-founded with Dr Matthys Heyneke in 2019. In 2020, we hosted various community outreach initiatives through OUR HEALTH, where we provided Private Primary Health Care services to thousands of community members in the Free State. We also partnered with several local municipalities to broaden our reach to many communities.

Our target is to reach 10 000 individuals across central regions of South Africa, particularly in the townships, informal settlements and rural areas by 30th June 2022.

Our services include consultations and dispensing of prescribed medication free of charge.

We have an excellent team of seasoned medical practitioners under the leadership of Dr Matthys Heyneke. Our medical doctors have dedicated most of their professional careers to improving the lives of families from poor communities, who unfortunately continue to endure limited access to adequate Primary Health Care services.

The thrust of the Integrated Community Healthcare Program is to complement the effort by the government of providing quality Primary Health Care to the poor by focusing primarily on the areas with a high prevalence of poverty. We also provide nutrition as a long term health innovative solution.

We believe that healthcare is too complex a challenge to be tackled by the government alone, that is why we have developed a partnership model that centres around connecting the community, the private sector and the government to work together to build a healthy, peaceful and prosperous society

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